Your experience with mirrorless cameras - are you convinced or not?

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Re: Your experience with mirrorless cameras - are you convinced or not?

Phil A Martin wrote:

pako wrote:

Phil A Martin wrote:

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grsnovi wrote:

I shot a Canon FTb in 1970 (and absolutely loved it) but the digital SLT a65 isn't quite the same as a DSLR. I've been shooting ML for 8 years and will likely go ML FF soon. It's not clear to me what the mirror brings to the equation in 2021.

Dear grsnovi,

thank you for your reply.

The mirror was a brilliant idea to build a camera with the option of exchangable lenses and to combine the job of finding the optimal view, setting sharpness manually and then flipp up the mirror before taking the photo.

The digital era allows the construction of cameras without this mirror as we can give the sensor signal directly to an EVF.

Both constructions work and each has its advantages and disadvantages.

If I look at an OVF (and I talk about a very good one with bright and wide view) I have a direct view on the scenerie I want to take a photo of. I am with my eye and my brain 1:1 in reality. I see the natural colours, get the picture without time lag and if I use my camera as sophisticated optical tool to watch nature, I am deep into it.

This is an advantage to me and beside the aspect, that a change of systems would cost a lot of money I don't have or I would like to spend to upgrade my actual system, it's the reason why I don't plan to change the system.

Hwoever, I am aware of the disadvantages of a DSLR camera. Especially eye detect is an option I am missing.

I've no personal experience of eye detect and it sounds useful in some circumstances but is it as good as we imagine? Just listen to Tony Northrop's review of the new Sony flagship, the A1. Now this expensive camera is very good at recognising the eye but less good at focusing on the iris and quite often focusing on the eyelashes instead. Maybe not a problem with moderate apertures but could be quite an issue with fast aperture lenses used wide open. Such as the 85mm you mentioned below.

Tony Northrop?

who’s that guy?

I mean, as any other review, it’s just one guy opinion.

And who are you?

Pako Dominguez (It’s on my signature. You can google me if you want to see my face). Nice to meet you.

But it's not an opinion. He is stating a fact. This is what he found whilst testing the camera.

The fact is that he have not master the camera yet.
Pako Dominguez

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