Will M 4/3 lenses cover APS C sized Sensors?

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Re: Z Cam responds

6 X 17 Feind wrote:

JimH123 wrote:

6 X 17 Feind wrote:

I emailed Z Cam and they said YES indeed there will be M4/3 mount for the 6K super 35 version.

Did you ask them if Olympus and Panasonic MFT lenses will be suitable to use meaning the same flange distance and whether any of these lenses will cover the full sensor?

After they responded to my question of the MFT model being a reality, I replied with an almost word for word set of questions of exactly that. In addition I asked what exactly the crop factor is going to be. I'll update more as I know it.

My interest in this is that I already have several MFT lenses and speed boosters. In addition some of the very wide stuff like the 7mm to 14mm will be very interesting with 6K as well!

In case anyone is interested, I have the S6 with flanges from ZCam for Canon and m43 and most of my m4/3 lenses cover the sensor, as do my older lenses with cheap adapters and metabones &c. You do see some distortion with like a 12mm.

The F6 is the one with the coverage issue. But you can crop it of course.

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