Nikon Imaging Not Doomed :-)

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Re: Not Doomed but Precarious

duncang wrote:

James Bligh wrote:

Out of Big 5 Minolta is gone, remember Minolta was the first company which introduced all new AF system in SLR lenses, Olympus disappears. Of the remaining three Pentax is just breathing his breath now.

There is no guarantee that Nikon will survive. Will Canon be a victor? Well it may be with Sony. And Fujifilm, Panasonic will stride into the new big 5 though I don't know who will be the 5th player. Will it be Nikon? I hope so. I say to myself cast away your doubt but doubt lingers in my brain.

Minolta gone ? No they are not, they are called Sony now - reinvigorated and stronger than ever.

I know and your remark is both true and false.

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