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Re: Pano should be standard

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It is quite ridiculous that most modern cameras do not have a very good in-camera capable panorama mode when any iPhone can do it decently.

The panorama posted in the opening is absolutely awful. Bendy elongated lorries and jagged road edges. It looks like there is an earthquake in progress in anything more than a superficial examination.

There is absolutely no evidence here that an iPhone can do it decently.

It should be a standard feature— it is not some new photography technique like live composite that is only doable due to proprietary code and speedy processing power.

But maybe it takes more processor power than I am aware of (highly likely).

I get that we can stitch photos post production, but come on.

Why should it be a standard feature?

Olympus produce the product as they want and I really doubt many people care or they would not buy it.

It should be a standard feature because panoramas are a fundamental representation of photography and look fantastic. I like fantastic photos.

I have zero desire to post a defense of why it should be a standard feature lol

You think the opening posted panorama is acceptable given that you say that the iPhone gives a decent quality?

You have ducked this one.

This is the benchmark for acceptable quality on this particular thread and you think owners would be happy with this? I wouldn't and would rather do it post.

From the evidence here if you want Panoramas to look fantastic it needs more than some quick and dirty in camera scene mode.

I said nothing about any photos in this thread simmer down

You said specifically any iPhone could do panorama decently. This is what I am disputing as there is little sign of it in the opening post image.

The whole basis of this thread is the opening iPhone shot and why can't Olympus do this. I hope JIP do not and they probably have better things to spend their restricted capital on than this. Apple budgets and turnover and those of the camera firms are a million miles apart.

I am fine. Do not worry but just discussing your statement and this is what these forums are all about. You seem to be struggling with the idea of making a statement and then someone disputing it. iPhone rather than smartphone so there seems to be a touch of specific brand promotion going on here. Plus other camera brands do this also.

does it need to be actually stated: improvement in a feature can come through successive iterations of the feature.

if they did this in camera many models ago perhaps it would be very good by now

the more in-camera processing that can be done the better

Spoken like a true smartphone buff. It completely misses what many people enjoy with cameras and the 2 sides are hardly likely ever to agree. Probably the whole process will end up automated but a great deal will be lost as the machines take over just because they do it better. But obviously not yet looking at this panorama.

What are you on about? If the op’s panorama is not a good quality, that does not necessarily mean that particular phone model can’t take a good panorama. 
if someone can’t take a decent panorama under certain conditions with a new cell phone then that’s on them— they suck at being steady or perhaps they were too ambitious with the scale or need to work on better panning skills.

my god you should see the sad attempts at fine dinning I make with some top-end cookware and ingredients.

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