darktable 3.4.0 released

Started Dec 24, 2020 | Discussions thread
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3.4.1 coming soon

I read a couple of days ago that a 3.4.1 bug fix release is coming soon. I got this list from a thread on another forum:

  • The new color calibration module (aka: “color mixer rgb”) has been fixed with mixing R,G,B values
  • Color calibration’s colorfulness has been updated to be more what a user expects
  • Several cameras had noise profile updates
  • Fixes for stars and labels
  • Combobox scrolling updates
  • Lightroom importing updates (to only import if no other XMP already exists, making it easier to reset to darktable defaults for processing)
  • Showing thumbnails when importing happens more frequently
  • Module rename fix
  • macOS specific fixes (scrolling fix, histogram fix, and misc. other Mac-related issues)
  • Various fixes for threading & memory free errors (stopping crashes and hangs)
  • And a bunch more
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