Thinking about upgrading to the A77 ii from the A77, but...

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Re: Thinking about upgrading to the A77 ii from the A77, but...


Amazon is supposed to have the Sony A77ii in stock by February 15.  If you want something new, that would be a good option.  I have the Sony A7iii and it takes good pictures but if you like holding the Sony A77 series in your hands, you might be disappointed in the new A7 E-mount series cameras.


Rambler358 wrote:

Yes, the plan was to trade in for a used A77ii body. Though my A77’s current shutter count is 2103, and I haven’t been able to find a used A77ii body with less than 10k exposures. But I guess that’s to be expected.

And my budget is basically trading in or selling existing gear to get the A77ii. If I sold ALL my current gear I might be able to get an A7iii, but then that would maybe only get me a kit lens, and I’d be out of funds for anything else.

I’m now I’m trying to decide if it’s still worth it to “upgrade” to a used A77ii, or just keep my existing A77 and sell some of my current lenses to get another lens that I want. Man, these decisions are hard!

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