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Re: Benro Polaris smart electric tripod head

Color me skeptical and it starts with the very first answer to the first FAQ:

"What's the difference between Polaris and a traditional star tracker (equatorial mount)?

Compared with an equatorial mount that tracks only north and south, these directional limits don't exist with Polaris. By running the data from the built-in GPS & compass through the internal processor to determine precise location and direction, Polaris keeps track of celestial objects at your desired angle. Please note that this feature is only on the specific Polaris Astro Edition."

Ya, no, a traditional equatorial mount tracks in the both the RA and Declination axis, the cheaper mounts will only track in RA (which I guess they are trying to compare theirs to and the source of their "north and south" statement). I understand trying to simplify things, but this mount in the Astro version is $600 with the kickstarter and $1000 retail, that's VERY VERY expensive. This mount had better support heavier loads and provide good tracking otherwise you're just spending money on a fancy looking tripod head. They also state further down in the FAQ:

"Is that equatorial movement or altazimuth? I wonder if there is any field rotation.

An equatorial mount has one axis to follow the earth's rotation when in use, and a theodolite has two axes. Polaris has three axes (Astro Edition). It is neither an equatorial mount nor a theodolite, but it can perform the functions of an equatorial mount and theodolite. It also has many functions that an equatorial mount and theodolite do not have."

Which, again, is incorrect as a true GEM has two motorized axis and allows tracking of a target in both RA and Dec. What this is is a Alt-Az mount with a derotator expansion option, which is fine, but it's not going to offer the performance of a real GEM and it has a price that is a little bit eye watering if I'm going to be honest. The proof will be the in the testing, however, so we'll see.

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