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CAcreeks wrote:

billzilla wrote:

Hope I don't step on any toes when I say GIMP is not (for me) serious high-end photo or graphics editing software.

Just for the benefit of Venger, who might not have enough money for an Adobe subscription, GIMP is free, and can perform almost every photo edit Photoshop can. Some people prefer the user interface of Affinity, $25. All three are bitmap editors, useful for removing telephone and power lines (etc.) when your Raw converter doesn't provide masking.

Understood, was only pointing out its limitations to save OP some time. I spent a few days working with GIMP a few years back and was frustrated by its limitations. YMMV, of course.

I'm not a huge fan of Adobe's monthly subscription  model (I'm a bit of an old-timer, having used PS since it was released) but it does allow most budgets access to their stuff for not a lot per month.

There's no substitute for free, of course. LOL

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