D850 Replacement or end of the DSLR line for Nikon?

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Re: D850 Replacement or end of the DSLR line for Nikon?

Daniel Bliss wrote:

You know as much as I do about what a body like this would actually be--nothing. All I or anyone else here can likely do for now is point out rumors and logical ideas for a product.

You can go and check out hashtag D880 at nikonrumors.com; and references to such things by the likes of all-round camera tech advice guy and educator Thom Hogan (bythom.com). But that is what these sources have suggested, evidence that Nikon has at least tire-kicked the idea of a new D8xx body.

What it would entail, no-one really has any idea.

What it should entail -- presumably the Z7II logic board and sensor, with all that implies, including on-sensor phase-detect autofocus (PDAF), higher bandwidth for video, USB-C support, and a slight further boost to JPEG processing performance. (Sign me up if that happens)

What the D780 does include -- the Z6 logic board and sensor, with comparable JPEG progressing, on-sensor PDAF, video bandwidth, USB-C etc. etc,. And of course the Z6 was the closest equivalent mirrorless camera when the D780 came out.

But if Nikon doesn't add at least one or two AF-P lenses in F-mount the benefits of on-sensor PDAF will be slightly limited by the noisy AF motors in F-mount lenses. Benefits they still are of course but not as much as a serious videographer would want if they were AF-dependent. Right now there are only six PDAF F-mount lenses -- the 10-20mm DX, VR and non-VR versions of the 70-300 DX zoom, VR and non-VR versions of the 18-55 DX zoom, and the FX 70-300 zoom. These are by far the quietest autofocusing F-mount lenses and among the fastest focusing. The obvious gap in this lineup is the lack of a standard or a wide-angle AF-P zoom in FX.

And it also goes almost without saying that it's a bit weird that Nikon hasn't yet introduced mirrorless versions of the FX 70-300 zoom, or the 10-20 DX. In fact there are a number of situations in which a Nikon customer currently has to mix-and-match components instead of just being able to buy an outfit based around a single mount and format. Which goes to show that Nikon also has other fish to fry so to speak and that's believed by many to point to a real difficulty for Nikon in producing further F mount products as it will be tough to fill every single product gap at the same time.

Yes, with the reported weak financial position of Nikon, one has to wonder how much longer they can continue to straddle two systems before committing fully to mirrorless.

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