Tamron 17-70. Post Examples and Discuss.

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Re: Tamron 17-70. Post Examples and Discuss.

cxsparc wrote:

ReinhardGermany wrote:

SergiCM wrote:

I had the same dilemma as you do and I went for the Sony 16-55.

Compared with the 18-135 it's big and heavy. Especially heavy. If you prioritize size above all other things the Tamron is about 1.3cm longer than the Sony and 25g heavier. Considering de grip of the 6400 you will feel quite a difference from the 18-135.

On the other hand is quite remarkable what Sony did with the Sony 18-135.

My suggestion is go to a store and try it before buying.

Well, if size matters, SONY 16-55 is no real alternative to the Tamron. The Tamron indeed is heavy and too big for 6XXX imho. Go for the 18-135 and add a lens with 1.4, f. ex. 56mm 1,4. You will have a small allrounder (18-135) which is sharp and has got OSS. And you can shoot wonderful portraits with lovely bokeh with the SIGMA 56mm. Or add SIGMA 16mm 1,4 or SAMYANG 12mm 2.0 instead, if you do more landscape. That's it.

If you use Capture One Pro, 18-135 has got a lens profile, Tamron 17-70 will take them 3 years or more, if at all.

Things can be easy...

Reinhard, seems you have no experience with Capture One. C1 is able to use the embedded lens correction profile of the RAW file.

The 18135 is a good alround zoom lens. But it is already not better than the 18105 and a bit worse in tele. Both the Tamron and the 1655 play in an entirely different league in terms of image quality and available low DOF.

So it is a matter of trading between cost, size, weight and image quality, low DOF, more wide-angle.

Hi, cxsparc,

you may be right although I have been using C1 for over a year now and having studied lots and lots of  video tutorials of Paul Reiffer and David Grover.

Could you please explain that a little deeper and what is the difference to a lens profile which exactly has the name of the lens?

I thought a raw file was not corrected and only jpgs were using the bulit-in camera correction. What sense then has a lens profile delivered by C1?

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