Wanted a Z6II, rented a D850

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Re: Wanted a Z6II, rented a D850

The answer to this question is somewhat subjective. I don’t have a D850 or Z6ii for comparison, but I do have a D500, Z6, Z7, and Z7ii. For many things, I found the AF of the Z6 and Z7 to be adequate, but it just wan’t quite there for some things. Obviously for static scenes, it was perfect and no issues. Now if I had a bear or deer moving through the woods, it was still decent, but hit rate was not perfect. For whatever reason, for birds, it struggled more. Even with a small bird moving its head around, my keeper rate fell with the Z and I would tend to use the D500. So basically I found the original Z to be decent and work well for most things, but just not good enough for everything. It felt like it was almost there. I haven’t had the Z7ii long, but have been able to test it with birds with the original Zs seemed to be the worst. I am happy to say it has worked almost perfectly with that so far. As Steve mentions in his video, there does seem to be a bug in the firmware. I have experienced a similar issue where the camera doesn’t seem to want to change focus at all, but this is rare. I expect this is to fixed in the next firmware update. I have not used my D500 since getting the Z7ii, but it has only been a couple weeks and I’ve had limited time to shoot. I use dynamic AF mostly. I haven’t used the auto area AF, but my understanding is the AF tracking is still far from Canon/Sony.

One other note with the Z7ii is that the frame per second is still on the low side for catching action. The Z6ii will be a little better there.

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