Impressive features of camera that has somehow changed your photography?

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Re: Impressive features of camera that has somehow changed your photography?

F9DOG wrote:

User Experience and Simplicity. As simple as that.

I cannot agree more! Well summarized.

I was a Nikon shooter and wanted to upgrade in 2018. After debating on getting an D850, or the new Z7/Z6 plus an additional traveling camera (a RX100 type) knowing that I would not take any FF sensor camera out for leisure adventures. I realized that I  wanted high IQ, easy handling and a small form factor - the Nikon Z series + lens is already too big.

I ended up buying the Leica CL kit, added the Summilux 1.4/35mm and Novoflex adapter to it to used my ZF Zeiss 2/100mm for macro shoots on a tripod.  The UI is so simple and reduced to the essentials. I use several user profiles for some of my standard shooting scenarios for very quick change of stetting (color, BW, manual focus) so while shooting the camera becomes a tool where I do not have to bother with different buttons and dials.

All I need is there. The IQ is excellent, 24MP is a sweet spot. I do not really need more. Image stabilization would be nice for indoor architecture shoot, but does not help for moving objects. The 1.4/35mm compensates for that, and I am looking into adding a 2/23mm.

The only thing I miss in the CL is a bulk mode. Long time exposures are not possible. Thats a problem with lots of Leicas: the CL gives you 30sec, the Q 120sec, the Ms and Qs reduce the bulk mode with increasing ISO. The only Leicas with  proper bulk mode are the new SL2/SL2s - maybe also the old SL but I am not sure.  That is definitely a big step back compared to my old D200 from 2005 where long time exposures for 2-5mins are no problem.

All gear, even a little table tripod fits in a small Hadley digital camera bag which I just grab with no regrets on the way out, even if I do not take a single picture. I am more than happy with my setup. For every day use, the CL is fabulous.



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