Hope for screw-drive lens fans?

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Re: Hope for screw-drive lens fans?

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It's just a matter of time before one gets released. It's an easy way to ease people into the Z-system, and adds to the legacy roster of available lenses. But as others have mentioned, its introduction will probably not appease the people who spend a lot of time complaining about it missing in the first place.

Screw driver lenses were outdated for more than 10 years now. It's time to let them go.

Not as simple as that.

Yes it is. Some times you have to give up old stuff and have to accept the fact that manufacturers stop supporting it. This is the case with every item, not just lenses, but literally EVERYTHING made by human. Screw driver lenses are just one of those items. I know one can be emotionally attached to them, but they all have been replaced with better ones, if Nikon decided that a replacement was economically feasible.

There are some superb AF & AF-D lenses that are better than some mediocre AF-S lenses.

Nikon 180mm f/2.8 AF-D

Nikon 60mm Micro AF-D

Replaced, and the G is WAAAAYYYYY better, and that has been around for a long time.

Nikon 85mm f/1.4 AF-D

Replaced, and the G is WAAAAYYYYY better, and that has been around for a long time.

Nikon 28-70 f/3.5-4.5 AF-D

Replaced with several 24-70 models over the years, and they are ALL better.

And many more.

Yes, and basically all of them have been replaced with a better one, some with several iterations of a better one also.

And what's wrong in having a adopter to autofocus AF & AF-D lenses?

Nothing, but you have to understand that the tiny number of emotionally connected fans won't support the costs of such product. I also think that this is mostly used as an excuse, because it really is not a show stopper to enter the Z world, since manual focus would still work even with these lenses. A real enthusiast would certainly not mind using MF if he/she really loves a lens. I have a 135mm f2.8 which I like to use quite often, and don't really feel the need for AF with that. Those old screw driver lenses are in reality manual focus lenses anyway, they have just added a screw driver coupling to the focus ring. The AF is slower than my ability to manually focus with them, so what´s the point of that noisy and slow AF...?

It is not mandatory to buy.

Of course not, but there is also no obligation for Nikon to support those forever just because some people don't want to let them go or use MF with them. Personally I think they better spend resources on something which improves the Z system, not on something which is a dinosaur and won't ever work well enough and also not needed by the majority and has a very tiny market segment. Nikon is a business, they can not make business on emotions.


Thanks, same to you. Waiting for the vaccine... as many other people.

Sorry very poor logics ... looks you're trying to convince yourself.

I hv only put only a few examples... there are many more ... you miss the point.

Did you use the 28-70 f/3.5-4.5 lens? It is tiny, sharp and renders nice. Even with the adopter, it will be small. It is cheap. You can take great photos with it if you hv the skill. You do not need to attach MTF charts with your images  ... also best Sun-stars from this lense  ...

Then take 70-210 f/4-5.6 af-d. Another gem. Cheap and sharp and good bokeh too. With Z system built in IS, this will be a great tool.

There are many more ...

When Nikon released their first few D-SLRs, they could not meter with Ai & Ai-s lenses. They added that in their later top models. So it is OK Nikon is coming up with the missing adopter now  after 2 years  we accept that.

Anyway, this is a good decision by Nikon to keep old nikon users from looking elsewhere.

CHEERS & be safe .

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