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AstroVagabond wrote:

I would tell them if they are purchasing new to avoid Nikon at all costs as Nikon is failing in the marketplace in my opinion. If they are purchasing used well that is a different story and Nikon would be fine if it fits their budget.

A new person entering the photography realm should tie their horse to the market leader in my opinion. They should pick the #1 or #2 in most cases.

Now I'm a Fuji owner and I will upgrade my X-T1 to X-t4 but I don't fit the use case you outline in your post if I understood it correctly.

I also own Canon.

Yes, let's all stop buying Nikon so that we can see how they will do in the future. If all of us adopted that attitude, Nikon wouldn't have a future.

As to buying only from the market leader, that's the worst advice I have ever read. How about buying a camera that suits your needs best? A camera that inspires you, that you like the handling of, that has the lenses that you need? Again, if all of us adopted that attitude, it would mean the end of competition. Because only one company can be the market leader, and it would end up being the only company.

And what if that "hypothetical" monopolist company gave up on innovation, or tried to artificially segment it's market by deliberately leaving out essential features from their cheaper cameras? (See what I did there?) By supporting only the market leader, you are no longer a conscious consumer. Basically, you give carte blanche to a company that you blindly trust to treat you well.

My advice? Unless you like monopolies, buy the camera that best suits your use case right now, and have fun making pictures in the knowledge that you have exactly what you need.

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