Go poor, buy the R5 or stick with the EOS R?

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Re: Go poor, buy the R5 or stick with the EOS R?

On the R6, which I believe is the same, for stabilized lenses, the switch on the lens controls both OIS and IBIS. For unstabilized lenses, you have to dig into the menu to turn IBIS either on or off. Although this function can be saved to your My Menu, and you can set your camera to always pull up My Menu first when you click "Menu," somewhat annoyingly, there is no easy physical button that just "IS on/off" can be assigned to. As for whether you need to toggle off IS/IBIS for tripod shooting, this is just my general experience, but I always do although I admit that's more out of habit than out of actually needing to. I've taken many tripod-mounted shots where I forgot to switch it off and could never tell afterwards.

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