Nikon d700 vs. d610 vs. d750 vs. Df?

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Re: Nikon d700 vs. d610 vs. d750 vs. Df?

JohnnyLuddite wrote:

Nikon33 wrote:

JohnnyLuddite wrote:

Jeep_Joseph wrote:

I dont think you understand what i am saying. The d3xxx is entry level dx. The d5xxx is advanced entry level. D6xx is entry level fx. D7xx is advanced entry fx. And no, the d6xx and d750/d780 are not pro level cameras. And, there has been no pro level dx body since the d2xs

Yeh, I really pity the poor pros using those non-pro cameras. According to you.

Did you even read the OP's post? Are you seriously suggesting a D4 for what they want?

In defense, the D4 would actually fit the OP's needs quite well. The D4 is an amazing camera, and so fun to use. The OP owns a 12 MP camera, and doesn't care for more than 24.

Low light? D4 is great for that.

I think the operative word is cash. There are many wonderful cameras in the world, but there's usually an unspoken constraint on the amount of money someone is willing to spend on the gear, which is rather to the point.

The D4 frequently sells for less than the DF!

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