D850 Replacement or end of the DSLR line for Nikon?

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Re: D850 Replacement or end of the DSLR line for Nikon?

You know as much as I do about what a body like this would actually be--nothing. All I or anyone else here can likely do for now is point out rumors and logical ideas for a product.

You can go and check out hashtag D880 at nikonrumors.com; and references to such things by the likes of all-round camera tech advice guy and educator Thom Hogan (bythom.com). But that is what these sources have suggested, evidence that Nikon has at least tire-kicked the idea of a new D8xx body.

What it would entail, no-one really has any idea.

What it should entail -- presumably the Z7II logic board and sensor, with all that implies, including on-sensor phase-detect autofocus (PDAF), higher bandwidth for video, USB-C support, and a slight further boost to JPEG processing performance. (Sign me up if that happens)

What the D780 does include -- the Z6 logic board and sensor, with comparable JPEG progressing, on-sensor PDAF, video bandwidth, USB-C etc. etc,. And of course the Z6 was the closest equivalent mirrorless camera when the D780 came out.

But if Nikon doesn't add at least one or two AF-P lenses in F-mount the benefits of on-sensor PDAF will be slightly limited by the noisy AF motors in F-mount lenses. Benefits they still are of course but not as much as a serious videographer would want if they were AF-dependent. Right now there are only six PDAF F-mount lenses -- the 10-20mm DX, VR and non-VR versions of the 70-300 DX zoom, VR and non-VR versions of the 18-55 DX zoom, and the FX 70-300 zoom. These are by far the quietest autofocusing F-mount lenses and among the fastest focusing. The obvious gap in this lineup is the lack of a standard or a wide-angle AF-P zoom in FX.

And it also goes almost without saying that it's a bit weird that Nikon hasn't yet introduced mirrorless versions of the FX 70-300 zoom, or the 10-20 DX. In fact there are a number of situations in which a Nikon customer currently has to mix-and-match components instead of just being able to buy an outfit based around a single mount and format. Which goes to show that Nikon also has other fish to fry so to speak and that's believed by many to point to a real difficulty for Nikon in producing further F mount products as it will be tough to fill every single product gap at the same time.

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