Mac/iOS raw (.orf) support with new Olympus cameras

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Re: Mac/iOS raw (.orf) support with new Olympus cameras

Dan Dare wrote:

Apple are adding RAW support for new cameras introduced in 2020.

The latest version of BigSur MacOS 11.2 now includes cameras such as the Canon R5 and R6 and Nikon Z6 II and Z7 II all introduced after the Olympus cameras.

Sadly my OM-D E M1 Mark III is still not supported as well as the M5 Mk III. Most assume this is because it's Apple who are responsible, wrong this is because Olympus have not given the necessary ORF file information to Apple.

I bought into the E-M1 last year assuming like all other 2020 cameras RAW support would eventually happen well it did for Nikon and Canon but not Olympus, despite the fact that the M1 Mk III was introduced 12 months ago so it looks like Olympus have not bothered due to the sale of their imaging division and I doubt RAW support will ever happen.

I use Apple Photos, so I'm stuck with using JPEGs from my M1-MkIII unless I add another RAW converter into the workflow which I do not want to do.

Does that imply you have to run Big Sur to get new Nikon and Canon camera support?  I haven't seen anything in the updates for other MacOS versions.

How do you know Olympus haven't given Apple the new ORF file format?  Did you find that on a blog or forum somewhere, or is that official?

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