Choosing Between Nikon D610 or D800, any advice?

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Re: Choosing Between Nikon D610 or D800, any advice?

zizou_mato wrote:

Ronan_M wrote:

Blade Canyon wrote:

The D600 is not as good at higher ISOs as the D800.

this is incorrect, if anything the D600 is better at high-isos.

Anyway, I have both a D600 (which is 99% the same as a D610) and the D800. My views on both:

- The D800 has some features that make certain type of shooting easier: 100% zoom button and the viewfinder curtain if you shoot long exposures are two of the most noticeable / most commonly used features where there is real difference.

- Never noticed significant difference in autofocusing between them. There are always hits and misses and it depends more on the shooter's skills and background than on the CAMxxx focusing system (my view)

- The D800 is also better built and better weather sealed

- It is also heavier and bulkier

- Resolution is such minor point, it shouldnt really be a factor. You'd have make a massive (I mean something like 4-6 feet long) print to tell the difference between 24 and 36 MP.

- IQ-wise, trying to say one is better than the other in real life usage is complete nitpicking. Both are good enough for pretty much everything

Then there's the psychological factor of having a "Pro" camera vs a "Consumer" camera. If you cant get past that, then your choice is made and there's nothing else to discuss.

If you do get past it, then I'd say that unless you have a specific reason to go with a D800, you'd be very well served with a D610.

Myself, I grab the D600 for nearly everything, (kids, trips, family, zoos, etc, etc) except when I go out specifically to shoot landscapes. Then, I'll take the D800


thanks for your explanation.

Does it mean that you would never use D600 for landscapes?

wow, mother of all resurrections, 3.5 years later.

Anyway, to the question. The answer is...yes absolutely I grab my D600 for landscapes as well and mainly for 1 reason: I shoot a lot of panos. When I stitch 5-6-7-8-9 shots, I'd end up with a massive, difficult to process file if I'd use the D800. Instead I shoot panos with the D600 and results in a smaller (but still massive resolution) file.

Now, 3.5 years later, I still have my Nikons but I have mostly switched to Fuji and I'm shooting landscapes and architecture with my 24Mp crop sensor (shoot me) Fuji and produces stunning results.

These days I only use the Nikons to shoot portraits and that's because I have a fantastic 70-200 2.8 lens which I dont plan on selling and dont plan on buying again for the Fuji system.

So there you have it


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