I tested Sony HX80 and Sony HX90v

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Re: I tested Sony HX80 and Sony HX90v

"I’m curious how the newer HX99 compares to these two, but it’s probably better to ask that question in the Sony CyberShot Forum. I do know the HX99 dispenses with the SD card and utilizes the microSD card. I tend to regard the microSD card as a “choking hazard”

Yes, I'm so used to have a reg. SD card ! If one day I get the HX99 I will do some tests.

But for now this one is too much exp for my budget...

If I can share here a page of many compacts I tested :


According to Lesnumeriques: Sony HX99:

Image quality of the Sony HX99 (lesnumeriques): The HX99 uses the 1 / 2.3 "and 18 Mpx Cmos BSI sensor from its predecessor. Unfortunately, while we were able to judge the results acceptable in 2014, our quality requirements keep increasing as the quality of the devices increases. The introduction of a new LSI chip and a more recent processor does nothing: the images of the HX99 suffer from a very pronounced noise from ISO 400. At ISO 800, the rendering of details suffers greatly, like the dynamics of the images and the rendering of the colors which lose very strongly in saturation.

If the average quality of the images is mainly due to the use of a very small sensor, let us also note the mediocre performance of the lens which struggles to discriminate the details of the images, at wide angle as at telephoto. Its low sliding aperture, which goes from a maximum of f / 3.5 at wide-angle to f / 6.3 at telephoto, does not make things any easier since it requires increasing sensitivity to achieve sharp images, with the quality that we know this device in high sensitivity. In short, it's a vicious circle and it seems very difficult to achieve sharp, detailed and richly colored images with this device.

In addition, our few shots in sunny weather showed great sensitivity to flare and parasitic reflections. We have never had such a kaleidoscope effect when the sun comes in from the front!

(But I would like to do my own tests (Juvdm)

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