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Re: Lenovo Legion specs

IME, I think you are striving for more than you really need as a "hobbyist" or even a profession, given that you also don't mention if you will even be working in a hardware, software color managed workflow and what software tools that you will be using.

You also don't state why you don't go the desktop route, which will be a far better and more upgradeable system, with better heat handling capabilities and you can get a larger and far better quality display and better hardware and GPU for video AND would be upgradeable.

Do you have or are you going to also budget for a display calibration sensor like a X-Rite Display 1 Pro or ColorMunki? If not, then IMO there is no point in spending money on a 100% sRGB display if you are not going to calibrate it and keep it calibrated.

IMO, get what you can really afford, used if possible, or build or buy a desktop and don't worry about "specs", because the "specs" don't always bear out real world use anyway and a laptop really pushed day after day may end up being a short term device.

I think you are over thinking and over valuing specs based on your real world needs. You are looking for a Holy Grail that doesn't exist, even at 5x your budget. (Your brain will think it's happy for spending the extra money until the honeymoon period is over and then you won't really care or use it much or know how to use it to extract the extra cost.) I see this all the time with helping friends buy computers, obsessing about this or that pre-purchase, lots of mind game justifications that make no real world sense and then soon after real world complications set in and the novelty of spending all that money on a high end device has worn off or they are distracted by the next shiny object or start being distracted by the next hyped thing ... think high end expensive smartphones that barely change from year to year, or Apple buyers that are marketed to.

I am a "pro", whatever that is these days and I'm using devices from 2012 and 2017? with i7 3720 & 4700 CPUs and have no complaints, and I get these USED and CHEAP compared to new, though I might complain if I were processing hundreds of massive raw image files or massive 4-8K video files. Most videos that process are 1080 p and often run through HandBrake first to reduce the resolution even further.

Get a calibration sensor and software like the X-Rite and a used laptop like a ThinkPad if you insist on going the laptop route. Also don't put too much stock in buying form the Mfg, vs. used locally. Also look for Govt Surplus sales in your area and BE PATIENT or go the desktop route (and still get a calibration device). Get what you can afford, don't over spend, until you learn more and you "need" more vs think or want more.

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