Playing around with depth of field and I think I finally get it?

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jlina wrote:

.. In general I found f4 on the fz300 to be much sharper than f 2.8. although f 2.8 is often touted as being an amazing invention. ...

One of the main importance of a a fast aperture (f/1.8, f/2.8, etc.) is in low lighting a faster aperture will allow MORE light to the sensor to be able to use of lower ISO and/ or faster shutter speed, and help with AF speed/ accuracy.

As I explained to you previously if lighting conditions  requires 400 ISO for proper exposure with f/2.8 and 1/60th shutter, a slower lens with a slower max f/5.6 aperture would require 1600 ISO which is a big jump for a 1/2.3" sensor.

Yes all zoom lenses (and some prime focal lenses) have better overall sharpness when stopped-down 1 - 2 stops from the max aperture.

Been well known on the Panasonic forum that the FZ200/ FZ300 25-600mm lens "sweet-spot' as to overall sharpness is f/4.


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