D800 to Z6 - lens pondering

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Re: D800 to Z6 - lens pondering

Lisa-Marie wrote:

Hi everyone, would appreciate your thoughts. I’ve shot with my D800 for years (shutter count pushing 250k) mostly for real estate & interior work with f2.8 14-24 & 24-70 lenses. I’ve filmed a fair bit too in the past with track and a dolley but I’m now looking to film more so going for the Z6 & Ronin SC.
I’m a little stuck about lenses and would appreciate experience sharing. I’m looking at the 14-30 & 24-70 f4 lenses for now, possibly adding the Laowa 15mm (especially for video). I’ve edited my images for years and have sent out video for editing but this is something I’ll be doing myself. Main concerns are for video, especially distortion with the 14-30 and having max of f4. Not being familiar yet with Z6 in the real world, I don’t know what realistic max iso is. Thank you for reading.

If you are happy with your existing lens, just buy the camera, and use the lenses with FTZ adapter on Z6. The Z6 is way better camera for video, than D800, no doubt about it. However, the Z mount lenses are much better for videos, as they don't make noise, which the F mount lenses do. In case you don't use the actual sound in your architecture videos, then the lens noise doesn't matter.

Normally, the distortions of the Z lenses are automatically corrected in the Nikon and PS software, and the results are better than the F mount lenses.

The ISO performance of Z6 is at least a stop better than that of D800, if not even more.

The Z also has 14-24 f/2.8 lens, if you feel f/4 is limiting. It also depends on the style of your working, in the sense, that if you use tripod for the architecture shots, then f/4 is not limiting. And with the Z6's ISO performance, you may still be able to use f/4 lens handheld, where you usually required f/2.8.

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