Electronic shutter on the Sony A7R II

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Re: Electronic shutter on the Sony A7R II

Guido FORRIER wrote:

my problem with 30 sec. subs is that for 6 hours I need 720 exposures , and that is a lot to handle for my or your computer . but it is doable .


Hmmmmm. Did you not mention bad weather in another post? If so plenty of low quality overcast time to let the computer churn trough the images.:-D

My typical exposures are 8x30sec for getting an overview when searching for new targets. This is done around full moon.

64x30sec for a typical portrait of brighter objects. 128x30sec and 256x30sec for fainter stuff. Have lots of bad weather here so 64x30sec is kind of standard.

Love 2^n. 

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