Electronic shutter on the Sony A7R II

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Re: Electronic shutter on the Sony A7R II

Trollmannx wrote:

Guido FORRIER wrote:

I use a Sony A7R II and I shoot a lot in electronic mode but not for astro. Electronic mode does not work in bulb mode . Not a problem because is use mostly ( or I did shoot mostly when the skies were clear , a long time ago ) 5 to 10 minutes exposure . This wil not harm the shutter .


My strategy is lots of 30 sec exposures and silent shutter. Have some light pollution so using longer sub exposures do not add anything - besides some added blur by turbulence.

And no guiding needed! Grab and go. Why complicate things with looong exposures just because the mindset is stuck in the needs of the CCD era. We are into CMOS now.

Modern image sensors have very low read noise so that is a non issue in my case. Read noise is way less than the noise from the light pollution anyway. Have tried this out.

If the site is dark then go for longer sub exposures.

Below: M31 and lots of 30 sec sub exposures.

Interesting point. I have some questions.

To go over 1000mm (which will be able to do with 500mm f/4 once I get a 2x TC), does it makes sense to think about an edge HD 11” SC telescope, that’s around 2800mm f/10. For planetary photography, will 3x increase in FL mean much?

Since the 11” edge HD can have the secondary mirror unscrew and one can put there a Starizona Hyperstar 4 HD lens, which can 35mm in diameter image to use on something like the Sony QX1 without any obstructions or much vignetting, resulting in a 540mm f/1.9 telescope (maybe around 670mm on a APS-C sensor). Will that be useful for deep space over using 300mm 2.8 or 500mm 4.0 on full frame?

Finally, does it makes sense to pickup some very small CMOS sensors to gain 5x FL in the case of Celestron’s 10MP sensor or around 7x for some ZWO 2.1MP sensors. Will I be able to get good photos of Uranus or Neptune? Can one do the same by just cropping from a 42MP A7R II sensor and avoid focusing problems?


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