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pocoloco wrote:

Yandrosxx wrote:

While cell phone imagery is ubiquitous, its quality is not, but the average consumer really does not know that.

I guess the average consumer does not care. My wife never took photos... until she got a smartphone... now she wants a smart phone with good camera options... and the current generation is good enough for what they are used for... quick facebook/instagram posts... whatsapp... viewing back on the phone... more then enough IQ is delivered... and what about the latest gen with actually 3 different prime lenses (pretty awesome I'd say).

My wife - and I guess most smartphone users - will never buy a 'real' camera... the smartphone satisfies their needs with more then enough quality for their use.

The only reason that consumer state of mind exists is because ILC camera manufactures dont permit it by not illustrating the differences.  They arent comparable. Thats a canard. People simply arent shown the differences.  If they were regularly many more wouldnt be satisfied with the compromises.

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