A1 vs A9ii rolling shutter

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Re: A1 vs A9ii rolling shutter

aSevenArr wrote:

pollup wrote:

Nice improvement, we've reached the point where it's as fast as a mechanical shutter now.

One image is zoomed further out and the club is held at a different angle emphasizing the bend in the shaft. The swings were not identical here ... and golf shafts do bend and flex during a swing.

In short I think this is simply just marketing BS.

I've never seen rolling shutter with my current A9's electronic shutter.

It is not marketing BS and the effects of rolling shutter are there whether you have seen it or not. Faster is generally better and of course they want to make it look even better, since for a long time we've been stuck at the original A9's 1/160s scan speed which some people deem to not be fast enough (although it probably is).

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