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Re: EF 70-200 F/2.8 non IS .. How far from IS versions?

gaul wrote:

EF 70-200 F/2.8 non IS .. How far is it from IS versions in IQ terms?

  • Is it similar in IQ to v1 IS?
  • But clearly behind v2 IS and v3 IS?

Does it actually matter? Will it make a real-world difference in the way you use your pictures in real life?

I've got the f2.8 IS II. I also have an old Sigma EX HSM f2.8 70-200. The Sigma is, from memory, a very similar performer to this version of the L lens except wide open, where it lags a touch. Was still fine for weddings back in the day. It's now an emergency backup lens - I had loaned it out to a friend in the hope he would buy it, but somehow it found its way back. Now I'm sure if I shot side by side and pixel peeped, I would tell the difference. But the Sigma still produces entirely usable pictures for real life usage, prints or Web use, for example. If I had had this Canon, I don't think i would have bothered upgrading it, because I only upgraded the Sigma for f2.8 performance.

Ultimate IQ isn't necessary in most cases. Good enough is, and I think that for almost all uses, this lens is more than good enough.

As ever, YMMV.

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