Good "travel zoom" for Nikon DX Cameras?

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Re: Good "travel zoom" for Nikon DX Cameras?

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No one seems to like the 18-200 VR for today's modern camera's. The build quality of this lens is actually quite solid. Much closer to the build of the 16-80 lens whereas the 18-140 reflects a slightly "cheaper" build. When I'm pixel peeping, the 18-140 is a little sharper than the 18-200 in the centre. But for everyday shots, I wouldn't even know which lens was which. Having said that, it's still hard for me to recommend the 18-200 knowing that the 18-140 can be had for equal or lesser cost. So there's my vote.

I like the 18-200 as well for a decent travel/walkaround lens while travelling.

BTW> The general opinion on the 18-200 hasn't really changed over the years. Many people who have never tried the lens disliked it when it was first introduced and they may be the same type of people who dislike it now with the higher resolution bodies.

How can anybody dislikes a lens which they never have used ?

That makes no sense.

I completely agree.  But if you go back to the various camera threads when the 18-200 was introduced, you'll see what I mean.

People do this today for camera bodies.  Just mention a D780 and you'll get all sort of negative responses from people who have never even touched a D780 or did any real research on the camera.

Personally I have used aswell the VR I as the VR II version of this lens on the D40X and the D90 bodies.

It was bearable on the D40X but I upgraded to the D90 and moved on to the VR II.

From then on I wasn't satisfied of the IQ at all, all due to the lack of sharpness.


That's fine.  You had the lens, you tried the lens and you dislike the results.  Perfectly OKAY and great user feedback!

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