Need advice/help with transaction, lessons for others as well.

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Mike B USA wrote:

OldMax2000 wrote:

Mike B USA wrote:

Most important, choose the SIGNATURE REQUIRED for delivery option. I think it costs $3.20 and it guarantees the recipient SIGNED for the package, not just that it was left on someone's porch.

Mike, your post is very informative and pretty much matched my experiences, except for this one. I had two packages requiring signature requested by the sellers but were still left by our front door (1 UPS and 1 USPS). I think the delivery guys used their "best judgement" to minimize human contact at the age of COVID-19. On the other hand, I had one fake signature that claimed my package delivered to a completely different address (I believe that transaction was a scam though).

For USPS, I'd be interested to know if the tracking info said it was signed when it wasn't or if it marked it as an exception and left the package anyway. You should be able to view the copy of the signature from the tracking information.

In the case of USPS, it was never signed even though the seller reminded me that he requested a real signature.  The fake signature case was shipped through UPS for a package which I paid or but never received.

I have to assume if you PAY FOR a signature-required delivery and USPS chooses not to obtain a signature, THEY are responsible for the insured value if the recipient doesn't receive the package.

I paid $20 for shipping while the seller chose the shipping method.

My experience with receiving USPS packages with signature required is they will leave a note on my door if I'm not home to sign for it. The note allows me to sign the note and they will deliver the next day (after they get the signed note) or I go down to the Post Office and pick it up there with a signature. Either way, they get a signature from me.

USPS used to do that but no more since COVID.

UPS is different. They allow a signature waiver form to be filed with them. With that waiver in place, they will leave a package even if I'm not home to sign for it. In that case, I'm taking responsibility for the package as soon as they deliver it. I believe the shipper can specify they want a real signature, not just a waiver. Adorama or BH Photo has required a real signature from me for expensive items, even though I have the waiver in place.

I believe the seller selected a real signature per his message, but UPS still did not ask us to do it. He just knocked our door, probably saw one of us peeking through the door, and then left the package by the door. It seems to be a judgement call on their part.

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