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Re: misworded I think

jxh wrote:

orca_kkl wrote:

Phil A Martin wrote:

Best of luck anticipating rainbows

"You can create an artificial rainbow for yourself with a garden hose. Simply stand with your back to the sun and adjust the hose to a fine spray. Rainbows can also be seen against the spray of a waterfall."

By Joe Rao, Astronomer March 15, 2011

This is where that line of thought can wind up

You can create an artificial rainbow in Photoshop. And you can put in whatever sky you want. Maybe some mountains too.. Forget difficult treks to great vantage points, forget getting up before dawn to (maybe) grab a beautiful sunrise. Carrying all that equipment is hard work. Not needed.

Go to certain sites (fs) loaded with 'photos' of things that plainly never were and never will be.

But that's NOT photography. Not in my world anyhow

As Phil pointed out, the rainbow created as described is not really "artificial" but real physical phenomenon, from water droplets and sunlight in real world.

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