DSRL buying on 2021? Vs mirrorless

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Re: DSRL buying on 2021? Vs mirrorless

AM77 wrote:

I haven't specified the budget, which is about $ 550-600 only body. That brought me to used DLSR (indeed I agree with you the biggest advantage is the price!): 77D and 80D the finalists, and a new X-T200 which is in promotion here for about $580.

Said that, your considerations listed above may be agreeable or not, if referred to a generic DSLR category.

But taking into consideration:

  • My budget

Yup, that's not a small budget, but for the things you want, Canon DSLRs are probably your best bet.

  • My preference for DSLR body style

Fuji APS-C mirrorless cameras as a whole are some of the worst bodies with next to not grip at all

  • My preference of fully articulated display

Another point for the Canon DSLRs in your budget

  • My preference for OVF vs average EVF

Makes sense. I like the what-you-see-is-what-you-get aspect of mirrorless cameras but if you have the skill or are willing to develop the skill of understanding the exposure triangle without live feedback, that can work.

  • Battery duration

Fujis don't have great battery life. And I do appreciate how for DSLRs, I can either leave it on all the time, or when I turn it on, it's almost immediately usable.

it simply does not exist a Mirrorless that can be chosen versus 77D or 80D.

In a mirrorless APS-C cameras that's current, I don't think so.

If it does, please write it down the model :))

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