JPEG/JPG quality on Olympus om-d e-m5 i, ii and iii

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Re: JPEG/JPG quality on Olympus om-d e-m5 i, ii and iii

phtograf wrote:

I just recently got a used mark i for basically nothing and I am using it with an Olympus 17mm f1.8 lens.

I absolutely love it for monochrome photos. I admit as long as you don't pixel peep, it is truly amazing. I am touched by the tonality. I also use a Sony A7rii and a sony a6500.

Looking at these images on a computer monitor I am actually moved by the way this om-d mark i renders monotone jpeg images that I have never experienced all my years using Sony cameras except a few times (it could be my skill as a photographer, but lol that is another conversation). WIth RAW files Sony of course you can do a great job with monochrome (but that is another discussion too). Seeing these jpegs have challenged me to edit RAW in monochrome differently to get that feel.

I see a great deal these days on the mark ii used that is almost as cheap and a mark iii new on sale at a great price too. If the mark ii or iii render monotone jpegs in the same way, I am going to get one of them and sell this.

So the questions:

1. Do the mark ii and mark ii render monochrome jpegs in the same way as the mark i?

2. If the answer is no, how do they differ?

So anyone having used mark i and then a mark ii or mark iii, what can you say about monochrome jpeg out of the camera. If you have examples that would be great. And if no examples just your subjective experience would be wonderful.

I do hope Olympus keeps going in some way. The cameras are truly special. I am late to the party. But I am happy I made it.

edit: I think the word I am looking for is tonality. I overall love the tonality of Olympus omd em5 mark i monochrome jpegs out of camera unedited.

Wait till you see the b&w jpegs from a pen F!

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