Microfocus adjustment frequency (Canon vs Third party lenses)

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Re: Microfocus adjustment frequency (Canon vs Third party lenses)

an_also wrote:

I've never had to micro focus adjust/calibrate any of my lenses for my canon bodies so far.

I'm looking into getting a general purpose used third party lens for my 5D4 & 6D.

Eg. Tamron/Sigma 24-70, 24-105 etc.

Do third party lenses usually need AF adjustments? I've only ever had native canon lenses.


AF has been the achilles heel of the 3rd party lenses based on the owners and their complaints in this forum! most of times when canon comes out with a new model camera body, there goes the AF accuracy of the 3rd party lenses. i don't think it is a big deal but it is the headache of it

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