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As impressive as the Sony A1 appears to be, there is no technological breakthrough that Nikon will not match. It's certainly not an iPhone moment, where the tech is no far ahead that it can't be rivaled. It's iterative technology with better sensor and faster processors leading to faster fps, more pixels, better AF with a hefty price tag. Sony, Nikon and Canon are lucky that Apple isn't interest in ML, because with their new M1 chip and AI technology, they could destroy the Japanese camera industry. Imagine a camera that is so smart that it would likely take better pictures without the organic processor behind the EVF.

I mentioned before the idea of Google licensing their Pixel camera software (#1 in smartphone image processing for about 4-5 years now) to Nikon and how that arrangement could be mutually beneficial. Nikon needs a shot in the arm on that front. My phone can do remarkable things like smooth subject tracking not limited to only the AF pixel grid, panoramas and photo spheres, and Night Sight (Google that, it's impressive and not just for stars).

Much of the market has fallen away to the convenience of the camera that's with you (your phone). I think camera makers need to incorporate some of these things so they don't end up looking like dinosaurs, out of place in the world we are entering with advanced image processing, AI, neutral networks, etc.

Cannot agree more with the posts above. My experiences comparing my Z6 and my smartphone was that smartphones are actually very impressive in broad daylight in terms of color rendering, AWB, and HDR thanks to more advanced computational photography techniques. Indeed, SOOC JPEG image quality might not be a top priority for professional shooters, but considering we are spending a few thousand dollars in our photography gears it's not unreasonable to ask professional camera makers to adopt these AI/Machine Learning technologies and match smartphone performance on these feature sets.

Am I allowed to tease the Nikon fan boys here ?

No wonder your smartphone pictures look impressive - you are comparing them to those from a Z6!

Just teasing guys - just teasing... you did leave the door open there.

Smartphone images look good on smartphones but on a 5K display they look pretty average. Well things like birds/wildlife where there is lots of fine detail.

But to your point you can apply the same kind of processing to higher resolution/quality images and take them up a level.

Just build AI Denoise into the camera - but you will need a bigger battery and better cooling or an M1 chip inside.

And I suspect that is exactly what Sony have done with the a1 to reduce noise. But that comes at the expense of sharpness so I expect micro contrast to suffer. It seems the a1 has an anti-aliasing filter so that might impact fine detail also.

Interesting weekend seeing all the influencers reviews.

What makes you think that A1 has as much pure prosessing power as the latest iPhone as an example.

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