Lens thoughts after having the X-T3 for a year

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Re: Lens thoughts after having the X-T3 for a year

tjinsd wrote:

Ive been using the X-T3 for a year now, and have tried out a number of lenses. Of the Fuji brand lenses, i tried:

27mm Pancake (i) Didnt care for it and promptly sold it. In particular, i hate not having an aperture ring. I concluded id never get one again that didnt have one. It also was one of the first lenses i used with this camera... and was still learning the settings. So a lot of bad shots, which i believe were operator error and not the lens. Might be curious to try the new version when available... depending on the 35mm.

Guess I'm old school. Gotta have those aperture rings as well.

16mm 1.4 Amazing lens. I didnt expect to like this lens nearly as much as i do, and i use it a lot.

I use X-T3s, and a couple of our lens choices overlap. Love the 16. It's essential for travel photography the way I shoot, and also really great for street. You can also force a nice blurry background out of it if you use it properly, and I've even done some 'pseudo' macro with it. Just gotta watch out for those converging verticals, and 'impossible horizons' when you go this wide!

56mm 1.2 Great lens. Bought it on its reputation, and not disappointed. Havent been using it as much as i would have thought... in part because i have three little girls, and its too tight to get them all in frame (indoors. Outdoors no problem). Its a keeper for now, but unsure of its future. In part because i got the brick, and its so awesome.

56 is studio workhorse for me for headshots, and head and shoulders portraits. You're right about needing distance for including more into a scene.

16-55 This lens is so wonderful. Anyone new to the system needs to try this lens out. Im normally a prime guy, but this lens is just so addictive.

50-230 Very affordable lens, with a good range, and more than acceptable quality for the price.

90mm I just listed this for sale. Sharp and great quality, but its a tough focal length to use to for me. Not close enough for many things, and too long for others.

My 90 is indispensable for certain aspects of what I do. It ain't going nowhere!

So my go-to lenses right now are he 16mm and the 16-55 (and Mitakon 35mm when in he mood!). I plan to get either the 23mm or the 35mm 1.4.... but havent been able to decide which of the two to get. Leaning toward the 35mm...

I've got the 23 f1.4. For my needs, it's perfect. As for 35, I have the f2. If it was me, I would have probably picked up the 35 f1.4, but the wife bought me the f2 long ago, and it's fantastic in the studio for seated portraits, where you want to see hands, or a prop/accessory. It looks really good wide open, but even better @ around f2.8-f4.

i also had and sold the Kamlan 50mm ii (sold it when i got the 56mm).... but regret selling it a little. Was a fun lens and have a number of great shots from it.

Also have the 50-140, which is marvelous. I use all of my lenses regularly, so, as you can imagine, I take a lot of images.

A couple of observations:

-I've never had a 'bad' Fuji lens. I see the term 'bad copy' appear here quite regularly, and it leaves me scratching my head. Have I just been incredibly lucky?

-I don't consider any of my lenses to be 'slow.' They all serve a purpose, and function very well for what they are intended for.

-I don't care about bokeh. I DO care about being able to get a nice uniform shallow depth of field to highlight, and direct the viewers eye to the focal point(s) of the subject. And this, I can easily achieve with the right lens, for the right circumstance.

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