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Re: very interesting thread

tinetz wrote:

JasonTheBirder wrote:

John_A_G wrote:

I find it so interesting because the target market of such a camera is:

Pentaxians who desire OVF and APS-C instead of full frame.

I see comments here that if Pentax prices this camera too high, people will simply jump ship. To where? APS-C and OVF are going out of style. Canon, Sony, Nikon are all moving forward with full frame MILC. So where are you going to get the OVF APS-C camera commitment if not Pentax?

The thing is, the target market is not static. Current Pentaxians who desire an OVF APS-C camera may not always stay that way because every feature has its price. People may be willing to pay an extra $300 for an OVF for example but may not be willing to pay an extra $400, for example (extra means over the cost of a mirrorless camera). In other words, every person has their price.

As to where they will go next, well...there are thousands of unused D500s out there and lightly used ones are going for about $1000 now. The D500 is an extremely capable camera and built like a tank. Chances are if you get one of those it will last ten years with moderate shooting, and there is plenty of shiny F-mount glass out there that will last twenty or even thirty years.

Otherwise, other people will compromise and get a mirrorless. Believe me, I like the OVF experience over the EVF. I really don't want to get an EVF camera for birds. However, with all the latest innovations in cameras, I am pretty sure my next camera will be a mirrorless. People change in their preferences with overwhelming value all else being equal.

Actually, I hope the K3-III is a success. The photography community needs a vibrant selection of cameras and camera companies. However, I do agree that pricing is important because the market for Pentax is small and small changes in price will make a large difference in percentage terms of the number in that market. This is not just me saying that because I want a lower-priced camera ... I already sold 90% of my Pentax gear and won't be getting it, but I am a fan of the brand because they make solid cameras. (I keep a couple older bodies and lenses just for fun.)

Sure, it really depends what suits one best for his/her style of shooting.

The D500 might be a great camera, but the K-3III will have

  • a sensor and imaging pipeline of the newest generation.
  • higher resolution sensor
  • IBIS
  • And despite slow turnaround cycles - it will be in a system, that is not (in-)officially not further developed (to be fair Nikon DSLR is already quite broad in offerings).

If you compare the last generation of sensors in the mid class KP with the Nikon D500 I would call the Pentax already top-notch and able to resolve slightly more, which might be critical with feathers, like here:


Does not matter if your autofocus and buffer won't let you capture birds consistently.  Hopefully the new camera will.

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