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Dodge_Rock wrote:

Gzoladz wrote:

I have a follow up question after some experimenting...would you know if the "default" noise reduction (and other settings) applied by Capture to the RAW image is meant to match that applied by the camera to the JPEG version of the same image?

In other words, if I open a RAW image on Capture and convert it to JPEG without me making any additional adjustment, will the output match the JPEG version?

Not sure if I am explainig myself.

Tested out the new truck in Auto mode & the fine jpeg produced by the cam is different from the NX-D default exported jpeg. NX-D jpeg file size is much larger too, must be carrying a lot more parameters. I resized both to 3MP for uploading.


Capture NX-D converted jpeg:

For the truck pictures, almost looks like Active D-Lighting setting in CNX-D is different than the OOC jpg.  Increase ADL by one level and it should be pretty close I think.

And for the OP,  my NEF files when processed in CNX-D comes out nearly identical to that of the in-camera jpg's.  The RAW files contains "information" from your camera's NR settings ... so will apply the same level of NR when it is opened in CNX-D as default.  From that point on, you can make adjustments to either increase or decrease till your hearts desire I guess.

Having said that ... does your P1000 output RAW as NRW or NEF?  My results above were observed for NEF files only.  I have noticed with the NRW files from my old P340, CNX-D rendered jpgs did NOT resemble those straight out of camera.  No matter how I adjusted the settings, the two just looked completely different.  Quite possibly what you guys are observing.

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