Lens thoughts after having the X-T3 for a year

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Re: Lens thoughts after having the X-T3 for a year

Great impressions.

I sold my XF 27 - but I actually loved the image quality and size of the lens but knew if I wanted it I’d rather have the aperture ring from the rumoured (at the time) XF27mm mkii. The other reason is that overall , I preferred the image quality, control, and experience of using my Kamlan 28 1.4. I highly recommend that lens, especially if you like the 50mm 1.1 II (I have that one as well and it very good). Good close focus distance too. I got mine with a metal hood like the 50 f1.1.

Have gone through several others including 18-55, 16 2.8, Rokinon all great. Have now happily settled for the 16-80 which is perfect for my X-E3. It’s my primary lens now as it is so versatile. Love it’s colour, bokeh and contrast. It has a bit of soft edges at the extremes of the zoom which can add a bit of character.

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