Lens thoughts after having the X-T3 for a year

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Re: Lens thoughts after having the X-T3 for a year

tjinsd wrote:

OmarCCX wrote:

My kit's just about completed since my wife bought the 23mm 1.4 and the 35mm .95. I got the Samyang 12mm, Voigtlander 15mm (need those sunstars and I like 21mm a lot) and the 56mm. I like all of these except the 23mm 1.4. It's just loud and annoying to use to me. I'd replace it with a Viltrox if my wife let me.

The only lenses left on my purchase list are the unreleased 18mm 1.4 and the 35mm 1.4.

My issue right now is I'm body less, so I've been using my wife's X-T2. I was gonna get an X-E4, but after renting the X-E3, I came to the conclusion I need a body with more buttons and a bigger EVF. But man that Xpro3 in durablack is expensive so I'm weighing my options slowly. 2 years is a long time to wait for an X-Pro4 with IBIS sadly.

So your issue with the 23 was the AF motor and noise.. and not image quality or focal length?
i agree that the Pro3 with Durablack is sweet (amd expensive). Fortunatly i have no complaints on the T3, and will happily wait for either the T5 or the Pro 4 in a couple years.

Pretty much. Although I dont find the 23 to render as special as the 35 or 56 to justify its annoyances. Im excited for the 18, hope it doesn't flop.

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