Do you think there will be new Fuji Sensors?

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DrBormental wrote:

G3_4_ME wrote:

We’ll soon reach a point where our X lenses can’t resolve as much detail as the sensor can handle.

We already have, when lenses aren't in their sweet spot, PLUS with everything else. People who moan about more pixels should open their albums and look closer.

Find me a single moving object without a motion blur in your shots. Look closer. Even walking (forget about running or flying) subjects under bright sun are not utilizing your sensor's 26MP.

I'm not sure I understand - I shoot a fair amount of things in motion and can freeze most things at 1/1000s.  I won't look too close - only enough for a moderately sized print.

When can we use more resolution? Rarely:

  • Landscapes, with stopped down lens, but not too much due to diffraction, on a tripod, printed at obscene sizes (never met anyone in my life who does that)
  • Landscapes, with stopped down lens, but not too much due to diffraction, on a tripod, for heavy cropping. (for those who take the time to set up a tripod, but fail at framing)
  • When digital cameras are used as stationary film scanners. Not having to stitch medium format negatives will be pretty sweet. This is my use case.

I'd find extra resolution useful when shooting action with my prime lenses - it's not always possible to zoom with my feet.  I generally try not to cut out more than 30% of a shot.   I can see how that would help for your use case.

When will we be hurt by more resolution? All the time:

  • Copying large files is annoying. Networks aren't getting faster.

Networks are getting faster, but it will take a little while before technology like 40GE networks find their way in homes.

  • Storing large files is annoying. Everything from thumbnail generation to opening and downsampling to viewing resolution will be slower, as computers are not progressing in speed as they used to.

True, Moore's law is coming to an end very soon.  Software like LightRoom does make it better to manage and consume large amounts of photos, even on decent home hardware.

I agree with others, if I had to pick between higher resolution and better low light performance, I'd pick the latter.

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