Electronic shutter on the Sony A7R II

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Re: Electronic shutter on the Sony A7R II

Greg Campbell wrote:

Silent shutter is a wonderful thing when shooting lots of images. Time-lapse, lightning, short exposure astro, etc. The reduction in vibration and - yes - mechanical wear and tear is worthwhile. (I honestly can't fathom the crowd that argue against the increased longevity. I guess they see cameras as trivial and disposable?!) The only drawback is that some cameras drop the bit depth when shooting in electronic mode. Whether or not this is an issue, I can't say.

The electronics will not be stressed in the least. Most cameras can record full-sensor movies at 60+ fps.... Rolling shutter and other effects should be complete non-issues.

I agree, it doesn't make sense to use the DSLR for something they weren't designed to do, to take thousand pictures at every shot or very high quality videos. The 5Ds, 6D and D800 only shot 1920x1080 over full frame. The Df doesn't shot video at all.

The A7R II shots 4K in super 35 and full frame. Timelapse, would bring better quality and can be done at 24 or 30 fps rate up to 990 frames. And won't damage the camera over time.

The advantage is that with just the mount/tripod, could use the photo equipment to start. But from what I have seen so far, one also needs a guiding scope, a guiding camera and a controller.

If I go with a dedicated planetary/DSO camera, I will have to focus AF lenses manually, which may be a problem because of the short throw, so would need a telescope too. But maybe adapted AF lenses would work?

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