Lens thoughts after having the X-T3 for a year

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Re: Lens thoughts after having the X-T3 for a year

Nice post!  I've had my X-T3 for a couple years now, but have discovered I really prefer the rangefinder style, and my X-E1 is getting the most exercise these days.

I like my Mitakon 35mm F0.95 II as you do, and intend to keep it.  Something precocious and delightful about this lens!

I have both KamLan 50mm F1.1 versions, and I prefer the Mark I.  The Mark II is optically much better but the Mark I is small and light, with lots of vintage character (vignetting, corner blur, apparent lack of pindot sharpness, all very vintage).  I can't seem to get it off my camera these days.

I've spent a lot of time playing with legacy tele primes, basically 135mm, most of them.  It seems I get tired of these quickly but the pricing is usually low.

Have you any thoughts about other non-Fuji lenses you've been using?

Compared to me, you have quite a few Fuji lenses.  I just have one, the 50mm F2 WR.  I only keep it because it allows me to shoot in the rain, or at family events when I need fast autofocus.  It is a very sharp lens.  Maybe too sharp, but the KamLan 50mm Mark II is every bit as sharp too.

I had a Fuji 18-55 but it developed a problem with a small white flake that appeared stuck to the inside of the rear element.  After two-three years sitting in a drawer that flake fell off back inside the lens and all was OK.  This was very weird.  Anyway, I wasn't tremendously enjoying the lens.  It was quite competent but not particularly fun.  It's hard to put my finger on this but maybe you know what I mean here.

Also, I felt the same way about my Fuji 23mm F1.4.  Very competent but...

I replaced it with a Rokinon/Samyang 21mm F1.4.  Again, very competent but...  In this case I still have this lens and still use it occasionally.  It is every bit the equal to the Fuji 23 optically though.  For me, manual focus and manual aperture are much more fun to shoot than the electronic lenses that do it all for you.

This is how it goes.  You will "resonate" with some gear, and not so much with other gear.  It's normal, but a nice part of the journey too.

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