Macbook Air M1 with 16GB Ram suitable for most photo editing software?

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Re: Macbook Air M1 with 16GB Ram suitable for most photo editing software?

Mike Boreham wrote:

Paul wrote:

Saint 112 wrote:

Hi folks! I finally got my MBA with a 16 GB RAM and 512 GB SSD.

I made that choice thanks to your insight.

What a machine! Slim, fast and cool… well, I mean it remains cool even under heavy load.;-) When my old Mini launches its fan each time I edit photos with DxO Photolab or I view videos, my MBA, being fanless, remains silent and yet doesn't even become warm.

To make it able to communicate I had to buy a OWC 14-Port Thunderbolt 3 Dock. Expensive but necessary. I can connect plenty of stuff and it charges the MBA.

BTW I am a bit concerned that it keeps it constantly charged whereas it's necessary to drain the battery now and then, right? I wonder how I can do that during the periods I am not away from my dock.


afaik Apple now has implemented smart charging, (similar to Tesla) my battery rarely charges to 90% because it is attached to my screen most of the has learned how much to charge to stay as healthy as possible....there is a setting in the system battery prefs "Optimize battery charging" make sure that is checked

See my post a few minutes before yours. Interesting that yours keeps it below 90% with "Optimise Battery Charging" checked. Mine doesn't but I am not using a monitor.

My 30 day battery history is this. I think all the little dips are Apple doing Battery Management.

sorry, yes you are right, I must have been wrong about the 90%....I remember checking it and th charge being at 90%.....was wondering at that point when and if it knows how and when to charge to 100.....

either way it does do something to keep the battery healthy....

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