Yet another Orion ... but it is my best ever!

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Re: Yet another Orion ... but it is my best ever!

82Virago wrote:

Question on the modded camera.

I have seen a few very nice images from modded cameras, and the stand out thing is the low ISO.

I assume you shot before on an un-modded body, and would have required a much higher ISO?

My down the road plan is a dedicated Astro camera, but these modded body images have me re-thinking a few things.

I can get to bortle 4 in about an hour, but no way my DSLR is getting that at ISO200

I can get to bortle 1 in about 6 hours, but sleeping in my truck, a little frosty this time of year. My back yard is 8, 9,10...or maybe it got turned to 11...


Hi, iso200 is possible due to rock solid ioptron cem70 which enables me 6 minutes exposures. I used Skyguider pro in the past and had to use higher iso and much shorter exposures. But long exposures will be a problem in warmer months with sensor overheating and therefor much higher noise levels. This is where dedicated cooled astro camera shines.

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