A genuine question: When is enough, enough?

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Re: A genuine question: When is enough, enough?

JimKasson wrote:

cortex95x wrote:

The industry has taken us from low mp cameras, like the Leica M8, for example, to the 102mp cameras provided by Fuji and on to the Phase one 150mp device. No doubt Fuji has their eyes on a 150mp or greater sensor, because, there has to be a reason to ride the upgrade train. But at what point do we, the consumers, determine that we’ve had enough, and have reached megapixel nirvana? I for one have grown weary of the train ride, and will be quite happy with the 102mp GFX100/s for sometime into the future. In fact, there are times when 50mp seems more appropriate, as in the case of portraiture, where 100mp reveals every imperfection a model’s face has developed throughout his or her lifetime. And, yes, it can all be addressed in post, but that takes time and effort.

While I’m certain that there will be those who will never be satisfied with what they have, there has to be an endpoint, a realization of what is enough. So, what is that magical number?

800 MP for a FF camera.

At same print size, 100 MP is no more revealing of skin imperfections than 50 MP. In fact, due to reduced aliasing, I consider it less so.

depends on what you are looking for.....

I have repeatedly said that I at this point I do not want to deal with 100mpix files. I hav no issues with aliasing, and I shoot too much, the file sizes are already bigger then I need and I can crop into my files as much as I need....and all this with 50mpix....

when it comes to skin, things get a little more complicated....lots of people say more resolution shows more imperfections but Jim is IMO correct, more resolution can actually show a more realistic skin texture which we are more used to seeing in real life which we are ok with.....

but there is a lot more to reproducing skin then resolution.....color and tone, transitions are much, much more important as any retoucher can tell you.....which is why crappy light will make people look bad because it makes skin look bad.....

there is a reason why high end portraiture and beauty were (and to a lesser degree still are) Digital Medium format markets.....as much resolution as possible with as much color information and as much detail as possible because it provides the best starting point for natural skin texture....and retouching of course.....which in the end is all about evening out color and making sure transitions look natural.....

at this point 50mpix is plenty resolution for high end portrait and beauty, I generally agree with Jim that more resolution actually might be better but color and transitions are more important areas of improvement.

I don't think we can ever have enough resolution for hair:)

when we are talking about 800mpix (with the color and DR I really want) we have to talk about compression which in a way brings us to modern day cell phone capture, which is by all accounts, amazing and the computing power behind it is incredible....but it does a pretty crappy job with skin IMO, especially when it comes to color and texture.....

I am always looking for the best possible file but just bumping resolution up has never really provided the truly best possible file....

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