Sharpness of 200-500 5.6 After Repair

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Re: Sharpness of 200-500 5.6 After Repair

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

The posted images clarify nothing as most of the subjects are less than ideal for autofocus accuracy, and we do not know what autofocus settings were used.

A test using a good tripod of a static good AF target parallel to the sensor containing fine detail would provide more information.

Thank you for your response. I try to make sure I test it thoroughly before posting and asking for advice.  Years back I had issue with a new D800 that had a left focus issue (Nikon ended up replacing the Bayonet Mount) and there were suggestions I wasn't shooting correctly so I try to cross my Ts and and dot my I's.  Most of the photos were taken on Tripod, the birds were static for the most part (excluding the duck and goose), and high enough shutter speed.  Long story short- I sent my lens in for review and they determined there was a lens misalignment- must have been from the last repair.  I picked it up the other day and initial tests indicates the issue is corrected, but I plan to test more thoroughly to confirm.

Thank you everyone for your input!

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