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Re: Wrong! Panasonic is a diverse corporation.

MrALLCAPS wrote:

Jan Steinman wrote:

MrALLCAPS wrote:

Four Thirds has been Dead a long time now.

Yea, the same way that Leica is "dead," with legacy lenses costing several thousand dollars — often more than they did when introduced.

But don't they still make legacy lenses? Didn't they just announced a limited 50mm? That's not Dead, if you're still making them.

One doesn't talk about the "dead" Canon FD line!

Of course not, because it's dead.

Have you seen Canon develop new FD lenses? Let me know, because I have a AE-1 program in great shape!

I don't see 4/3rds as "dead" as much as I see it "evolved."

Evolved? Really?? Have Olympus developed new Four Third lenses, bodies? -No, Therefore it's Dead.

There will no longer be Any development into four thirds. You may own four thirds bodies/lenses and may still use them, but you're in the minority of users that do.

Why are people like you here? You going to hang in for the rest of 2021 and continue telling us all like it is? Lol

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