SONY A1 30fps processing requirements

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Re: SONY A1 30fps processing requirements

Magnar W wrote:

Joe Olson wrote:

My photography is generally single frame shots. Looking at the new A1, with the ability of 30fps, what kind of system would be needed to handle the quantity and size of the files that this camera will generate?
It would seem one would need to have a fairly robust system to handle this beast.

For fast action, one mainly shoot short bursts.

Picking the capture with the decisive moment is usually easy.

Yes. One propably gets somewhat more captures to cull best shot from with A1 and high fps, but something like Fastrawviewer makes this pretty straightforward/fast even for RAW shooter. One often hears "my LR gets on its knees when importing all these shots"; no HW upgrade can fully fix that, adding a separate culling step with software suited for that helps way more and keeps catalog from filling up. My Lightroom frustrations went to zero after I stopped importing everything into it.

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