I'm really struggling here!!! laptop decisions.

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Re: I'm really struggling here!!! laptop decisions.

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okay thanks...best to stick with lenovo then?

For your situation and budget, I'd check out the factory refurbs from Lenovo, HP, and Dell. Not just anyone's "refurb", only the factory's own products.

Yeah, I would not bother with 'refurbs' from random sellers on eBay or Amazon, they're usually just returns or used with damage, scratches and possibly issues that they were returned for that haven't actually been fixed.

Is that your opinion or is that a proven fact? I have purchased three refurbed Dell pcs from eBay and they all still run fine. They have lasted longer than the brand new HP desktops I have bought in the past.

Indeed, the clue about this being 'my opinion' would be this part that says "I would not..." - Never said otherwise.

Your refurbs from eBay may have been straight from Dell or an authorized dealer. The previous post I replied to was advising against any old 'refurb' from random sellers, because they may be your basic used or open box rather than 'refurbished'. My response was agreeing to mod's post. Is that OK with you..?

I make no claims re: Dell vs HP, but it's worth pointing out that your experience with the ebay refurbs is no more or less valid or opinionated than other posts in this thread.

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